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Yoga Instructor Salary- Average Salary in Canada India USA

If you are thinking about becoming a yoga instructor, you should know how much can you earn. Hence, it is crucial to know the yoga instructor salary package. Even though it varies from one person to the other, however, you can surely have an average estimate of the salary.

Let roll forward and know what is the yoga instructor salary in India, Canada, the USA, etc. Also, the salaries mentioned below are not exact rather estimated average values. Keep reading.

Yoga Instructor Salary in India

According to the reports, the average yoga instructor salary in India is based on 127 salaries submitted anonymously by diverse yoga teachers. The yoga instructor salaries have been collected for over three years. Moreover, considering the year of service, the experience also counts while looking for a yoga instructor salary.

Hence, with one to three years of experience, you should expect a yoga instructor salary of Rs. 18, 785 per month.

Yoga Instructor Salary in Canada

The working standards in Canada are quite different from India. Hence, the average yoga instructor salary in Canada is also different. 94 salaries have been considered while calculating the average yoga instructor salary in Canada.

One interesting thing about salary in Canada is that less than one year of work experience has also been considered. Moreover, the salary in Canada is hourly based. Based on that, you should expect an average yoga instructor salary of $36.34 per hour in Canada.

Yoga Instructor Salary in USA

Based on 1.3 K salaries submissions, you can estimate the average yoga instructor salary in USA. Moreover, the experience of one to three has been taken into consideration. So, you should have an estimate based on your experience and locality. Further, the data covers a span of over three years.

Also, the USA has a similar pay structure to Canada, i.e. hourly based. Hence, you should be able to earn near about $30.97 per hour in the USA.

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Points Affecting Yoga Instructor Salary

You should know that not every geographical region is going to be favorable to every job trade. Depending on the locality, demand, and supply, the salary package varies from time to time and location to location.

Keeping that in mind, let’s explore various other factors affecting the yoga instructor salaries. Read on.


You should understand that in any business or trade, the more demand there is, the higher salaries are people ready to pay for. Similarly, when more and more people are looking for yoga teachers, that increases the demand for yoga teachers.So, it creates a huge opportunity for yoga instructors to ask for any figure they want. Hence, the average yoga instructor’s salary increases with higher demand.


Every location has something famous or significant. For instance, in Rishikesh, India, yoga is an integral part of the culture. So, there is a huge demand for yoga instructors there. However, that might not be true for any other part of the country.

Therefore, the average yoga instructor salary might not be the same in different localities. Make sure you do the trade where people are interested in buying your skills.


Your experience also plays a major role in how much can you earn as a yoga teacher. For new or fresh yoga teachers, the pay could be the lowest. However, as you gain more experience, your salary also increases.

So, the more experienced a person is, the more salary package can he or she get. However, there are many more points that also play a huge role. For instance, in how many skills or yoga forms do you have mastery. That will be covered in the following point.


There are many things that come under yoga skills. For instance, a variety of yoga forms you know, mastery of various yoga poses, and many other yoga practices. All such smaller details play a major role in deciding the average yoga instructor’s salary. Hence, to improve your basic salary, you should work on earning more skills.


Yoga instructor salary depends on many other factors apart from the mentioned above. Over time, when you gain more experience and skills, you become eligible to earn more. Moreover, a more fan base increases your credibility that has a deeper impact on your salary. Until then, focus more on learning and perfecting your skills.

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