Slow Flow Yoga

Yoga Beginner's Guide to Slow Flow Yoga

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. More and more people are realizing the amazing benefits of this ancient art. But there are a lot of variations of this spiritual art. There is Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini yoga among many others. But it is slow flow yoga that stands out from the others.

To help you understand why is it so yoga experts have come up with a small guide. But, let us start by understanding the basics of this yoga style.

Slow Flow Yoga – A Brief Introduction

The slow flow yoga is a low-impact workout that helps you maintain good health. It is in contrast to the intense power yoga. This yoga style is a combination of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga.

Every session in this yoga style helps warm up your muscles and joints. It retains the calm rhythm of flow yoga with enough time to master all asanas. The best thing about this yoga style is that it is suitable for everyone. The slow pace cools your mind and develop a better perspective of the world around you.

How Do Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Work Together?

As said above, the slow flow yoga incorporates both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. Thus it is important to know the difference and how these combine in this yoga style.

Vinyasa yoga puts the “flow” in this yoga style. Vinyasa yoga is where the body movement and asanas flow from one to the next. Every class in Vinyasa is unique.

Hatha yoga differs from Vinyasa. Hatha is more of the “slow” in the slow flow yoga style. It emphasizes on the importance of breathing and incorporating it with proper body movement. This helps you enter into a meditative state and have a relaxing experience.

Now, once you combine Vinyasa and Hatha you get the slow flow style. It is the perfect combination of postures and body movements.

It is time we find out a bit about the features and characteristics of this yoga style.

Characteristics and Features of Slow Flow Yoga

As said above, slow flow yoga combines the best parts of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. It gives you a chance to dive deeper into yoga practice at own pace.

You learn how to move, breathe, and stretch between different poses. You have enough time to learn and introspect on the poses, how to change them as per your physical limitations.

At the same time, the slow speed connects your mind with the body. This mind-body connection is the main target of Slow Flow yoga.

Being such a deep yoga style, there is no doubt that slow flow does have some benefits to offer.

Benefits of Slow Flow Yoga

Given below are the mental and physical health benefits of slow flow yoga style.

Physical Health Benefits

  • Daily practice of slow flow yoga improves your flexibility and strength. The asanas and postures give your body, muscles, and soft tissue a gentle stretch.
  • Slow flow is good for your joints. It increases mobility of your joints like hips and shoulders. This yoga style is perfect to help you handle Arthritis or any other joint-related issue.
  • The slow flow yoga helps develop the major muscle groups. You develop solid core strength. It also improves your body posture.
  • It improves your body's metabolic rate. This helps with weight loss and in controlling high cholesterol level.
  • Slow flow removes the excess Carbon Dioxide from your blood. This improves your immunity levels. This yoga style improves your body's ability to heal itself.

Mental Health Benefits

  • Controlled breathing in slow flow yoga reduces stress and anxiety. Even as a beginner you experience the change in just one or two sessions.
  • With meditative poses this yoga style improves your levels of concentration and focus.
  • Highly beneficial for children. This yoga style helps them cope up with the stress of academic life. It also gives their self-esteem a boost.

Let us now take a look at some of the slow flow yoga asanas.

Best Slow Flow Yoga Asanas

Given below are a few yoga asanas from the slow flow yoga style.

  • Supported Backbend
  • Supported Bridge Pose
  • Supported Twist
  • Supported Triangle Pose
  • Supported Half Lotus Pose
  • Seated Forward Bend Pose
  • Wide-Legged Seated Forward Bend Pose


The slow flow yoga is an excellent yoga style for those starting out with a yoga practice. Make sure you enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school to learn this yoga style.

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