Types of Yoga:  An Overview For Beginners

Types of Yoga: An Overview For Beginners

Are you aware of the different types of yoga? If not, you must first get familiar with the diversity in the yoga world. This way, you know what you should practice and which yoga form aligns perfectly with the goal you have in your mind.

So, we have done some research to make your life a little better. Go through the following points to choose the perfect yoga form for a successful journey ahead. Read on.

Different Types of Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

The art of placing different yoga poses ‘in a special way’ comes under the practice of Vinyasa yoga. It is one of the most athletic forms of yoga. Vinyasa yoga originated from Ashtanga yoga in the 1980s. Practicing yoga in a flow is of the most important characteristics of Vinyasa yoga.

Hatha Yoga

The word Hatha comes from Sanskrit term that denotes all the physical asanas. As per Western yoga philosophy, Hatha yoga revolves around all the physically challenging yoga forms. Hence, physical types of yoga fall under the category of Hatha yoga. Based on the specialization you choose, there are many other categories under this yoga form.

Iyengar Yoga

B.K.S Iyenger was the founder of Iyengar yoga. The prime objective of this yoga form is precise physical movements. Moreover, equal emphasis is paid to breathing control. Hence, it is one of the types of yoga that controls your physical as well as the spiritual realm. As a yoga practitioner, you might take longer than required to hold the yoga poses in Iyengar yoga.

Kundalini Yoga

When the spiritual dimension overlaps the physical realm, Kundalini yoga comes into action. The core idea behind Kundalini yoga is to raise the Kundalini Shakti residing at the base of the spine. Moreover, Kundalini yoga focuses on the activation of Chakras (energy centers or points). Hence, with the activation of the energy points, you attain Siddhi over time.

Ashtanga Yoga

Also known as the Eight Limb Path, Ashtanga yoga is the most intense types of yoga. Rishikesh and Mysore in India are quite famous for the practice of Ashtanga yoga. It is a physically and mentally demanding yoga style. In short, practicing Ashtanga yoga helps you master the yogic lifestyle without any hassle.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Choudhary found the style of Bikram yoga. The key feature of such types of yoga is that it is set in a hot sauna-like room. Usually, the temperature is set to 105 degrees with 40% humidity in the air. The sequence of Bikram yoga consists of 26 yoga poses where every yoga pose is practiced twice in a single yoga session. While practicing Bikram yoga, the focus goes to perfect posture.

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Yin Yoga

One of the best slow-paced types of yoga is Yin yoga. Most yoga postures in this yoga style are seated to ensure your body is not facing any kind of pressure. Moreover, you take a longer time to practice, hold, and release a particular set of yoga postures. It is more like meditative yoga where stretching and forming a stronger connection with your body and mind is important. Hence, you hold any yoga pose from 45 seconds to 1.30 minutes.

Restorative Yoga

Just like the name suggests, Restorative yoga is practice is unwinding an intense yoga session or work schedule. Practicing these types of yoga helps you restore your body to its natural state. Hence, the core area of focus in Restorative yoga is complete body and mind relaxation. Yoga poses are modified to make them easier to practice. You use an excessive amount of yoga materials like yoga blankets, bolsters, or yoga blocks.

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Prenatal Yoga

It is one of the best types of yoga for pregnant women or ‘to be moms’. Every yoga pose is carefully curated to help the mother bear the strength for upcoming days. The key features include focus on pelvic floor muscles, breath control, and forming stronger bond with the unborn child. You use yoga props to keep any kind of injury at bay.

Jivamukti Yoga

Founded by Sharon Ganon and David Life in 1984, Jivamukti yoga has bouts of Vinyasa yoga poses mixed with Hindu teachings. This type of yoga enhances your connection with Earth so that you stay grounded.

Sum Up

The above-given as just a few types of yoga that you should know before starting your yoga practice. You can join a beginner yoga teacher training course to get an in-depth analysis of various types of yoga. Make sure you choose the right yoga form to reach your goal in the least possible time.

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