Tantra Yoga Poses

Tantra Yoga Poses: A Complete Guide For Beginners

When you search about Tantra yoga, you might come across different intimate sex images. However, Tantra yoga does include sex. But the significance and meaning go much deeper than that. Keeping that in mind, we have created a list of some of the most dynamic Tantra yoga poses that beginners can practice.

With that said, let us have a glimpse at different Tantra yoga poses. Make sure you move your body a bit before getting into the yoga practice. But before that, check out what is Tantra yoga. Move ahead.

What is Tantra Yoga?

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit that is roughly translated into ‘to weave’. So, this form of yoga practice teaches you different spiritual techniques that you can use to connect with your spiritual energy.

Further, Tantra yoga contains Tantric sex which is just a smaller part of Tantra yoga as a whole. Also, Tantra yoga came into existence in India, Tibet, and various other parts of Asia.

Dynamic Tantra Yoga Poses

Dynamic Chair Pose

This consists of two different movements blended into a single movement. The first movement is when you get into a Chair pose.

In the second movement, you bend forward such that your hands touch your feet and your head rests on your knees.

This motion keeps your legs still while stretching your spine. Thus, you do a minimum movement with the maximum benefits.

Cow to Downward Dog

As suggested by the name itself, this is one of the Tantra yoga poses consisting of two entirely different asanas. One is the Cow pose and the other is the Downward Facing Dog.

The movement from one to the other and back to the neutral position should be fluid. It increases the flexibility of your spine.

Moreover, practicing this pose improves your shoulder joint stability along with more power in your wrists and knees.

Warrior 1 Variation

In this pose, you move your arms away from your body. It challenges you to balance your body while you practice Warrior 1 pose.

The best thing about such kinds of Tantra yoga poses is that you do not have to move much. Thus, they are perfect for beginners as well.

Further, it increases the agility and mobility of your feet and ankles. Also, it stretches the inner thighs, glutes, and quads.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

It is one of the best Tantra yoga poses that work on your inner thighs and lower back. Moreover, the wider stance of your legs improves your overall balance

So, when you practice this pose, your inner thighs get a gentle stretch. Also, bending forward while practicing this pose ensures your spine is in perfect shape.

Placing your head on the ground when you bend forward increases the blood flow in your head. It ensures that your spine gets an adequate amount of blood and oxygen.

Fire Essence Technique

The Fire Essence technique is used to flush out the stale air from your body. Moreover, it cures anterior pelvic tilt.

To practice this, bend a little forward and place your hands on your thighs. Make sure you move your tailbone up and down with each inhale and exhale respectively.

Moreover, while exhaling, make sure you pull your stomach in as much as possible. Go through each movement slowly.

Dynamic Half Boat

One of the best Tantra yoga poses to strengthen your core muscles is the Dynamic Half Boat pose. It works on your abdominal muscles along with neck and leg muscles.

You have to move your single leg in a rhythm such that it touches your chest when you fold it. Also, make sure your spine makes a curve the whole time you are in this pose.

Wrap Up

Various Tantra yoga poses mentioned above are dynamic. What you need to keep in mind is that you should learn each movement in greater detail. Also, make sure you learn how to breathe in and out while practicing each pose.

So, to learn different yoga asanas, you can enroll in a registered yoga school. This ensures you learn from venerable yoga masters so that you do not face any difficulty in practicing various Tantra yoga poses.

Just make sure you practice yoga regularly without any long gaps. When you do that, you reach the peak of your practice in no time.