Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga: Exercises, Preparation, and Benefits

Do you want to enjoy your day wisely? If so, you should wake up early and plan your day accordingly. But before you wake up and get entangled in worldly pleasure, you should do some exercising. That is where the art of Sunrise yoga comes to your rescue. When you take things in your control, it becomes easier for you to have the best possible results.

Hence, we have prepared a brief guide to Sunrise yoga for beginners. Keep reading to know which exercises are best to prepare for Sunrise yoga. Moreover, you even learn about some of the major benefits of practicing Sunrise yoga. Keep going.

Sunrise Yoga: A Brief Introduction

As clear from the name itself, Sunrise yoga is one of the forms of yoga that you do early in the morning. It prepares your body to take on the challenges coming later in the day.

It further helps you train your body to wake early and reset your body’s natural cycles. Hence, Sunrise yoga wakes up your body physically and mentally. In short, this practice brings your closer to your instincts by balancing your body cycles.

How to Prepare for Sunrise Yoga

To have the best results, preparation is the key. Hence, we bring a list of things that you should keep in check. Get going.

  • When you wake up, move a little to improve the flow of blood in your body.
  • If you have time, drink just a half glass of water.
  • Make sure you freshen up that will empty your stomach without any hassle.
  • For better results, prepare the place in which you are going to practice Sunrise yoga.
  • Use a non-slip yoga mat to be safe while practicing yoga.
  • Always stretch a little before and after you are done practicing the Sunrise yoga.

Here are a few Sunrise yoga exercises that anyone can practice. Include them in your Sunrise yoga routine to have the best results.

Sunrise Yoga Exercises For Beginners

Surya Namaskar

One of the best and most practiced Sunrise yoga exercises you should be practicing. It includes 12 yoga poses that work on your whole body. Hence, it should be in your yoga routine if you want to have a healthier and fit body. The best thing about Surya Namaskar is that anyone can practice them.

Bridge Pose

Strengthening your lower back should be your concern. That is where the Bridge pose will help you out. It also works on your hamstrings, quads, hips, and core muscles. Make sure you include it in your Sunrise yoga routine.


The brain functions better when it receives more blood. Hence, practicing Headstand will ensure your brain gets an adequate blood supply. That will improve its overall efficiency. Moreover, this pose also works on your core muscles.

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Seated Forward Bend

Flexibility should be one of your major concerns. That is where the Seated Forward Bend comes to your rescue. It makes your hamstrings flexible and agile. Moreover, this Sunrise yoga exercise has deeper effects on your lower back and hip joints.

Plow Pose

Neck strength plays a crucial role in keeping your posture strong over time. The Plow pose is going to make your neck muscles strong, hamstring muscles flexible, and core muscles tighter. Therefore, it has to be in your yoga routine if you wish to have a perfect body.

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Major Benefits of Practicing Sunrise Yoga

Let us go through some of the major benefits of practicing Sunrise yoga to know why you must do it. Knowing a few good things will also motivate you to push yourself for it.

  • Strong and flexible muscles
  • Better blood flow
  • Mobile joints
  • Less physical and mental fatigue
  • Stronger core muscles
  • Better body posture
  • Stress and anxiety release
  • Balances body cycles

As you can see, all these benefits indicate how your life is going to change for good. So, you must inculcate Sunrise yoga in your life for a better mind and body.

Sum Up

Sunrise yoga will train you to wake up early in the morning, spend quality time with yourself, and know what will help you in the longer run. Further, make sure you are consistent with the Sunrise yoga practice. It will become your routine over time and help you stay healthy and fit.

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