Spirit of Yoga

Diet Guide to Understand the Spirit of Yoga

“By purity of food, one becomes purified in his inner nature. By the purification of his inner nature, he gets the memory of the self; and by attainment of the memory of the self all ties and attachments are severed” - Chandogya Upanishad

The statement above holds true when it comes to the sacred art of yoga. Do you know that food plays a vital role in helping you understand the true spirit of yoga? The yoga diet increases energy and develops balance in your body and mind.

The food you eat while practicing yoga has a larger role to play when it comes to developing not just physical but also mental balance in your body. With consistency and dedication, the yoga diet can help you enter deeper states of meditation and purify the soul.

Before we move ahead, let us start by understanding how yoga helps you dive into the true spirit of yoga.

How Yogic Diet Helps You Understand the True Spirit of Yoga?

A yoga diet consists of foods that are whole, unprocessed, and fresh. The diet follows the principles of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and Brahmacharya (Pure). Following a vegetarian diet is at the heart of the yogic diet.

The food items you consume as part of the yogic lifestyle are known as Lacto-Vegetarian as it comprises milk and a plant-based diet.

Yogic food is further divided into three different categories namely:

1. Sattvic Diet

It comprises foods that enhance internal purity and clarity of mind. A Sattvic diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains, tubers, nuts, cow milk, curd, and honey.

2. Rajasic Diet

Rajasic foods overstimulate your nervous system. These foods are tart, salty, hot, dry, and bitter. You should avoid foods like fried foods, radish, and sugar to dive deeper into the spirit of yoga.

3. Tamasic Diet

Tamasic foods cause dullness, inertia, lethargy, and inactivity. As a yogi, you should steer clear of animal meat, liquor, mushroom, and highly fried or undercooked foods.

That is not all. Apart from this, there is a list of foods which you should eat and some which you should avoid.

Foods to Eat Like a Yogi

To truly understand and dive deeper into the spirit of yoga, you should make sure to consume the foods mentioned below.

1. Whole Grains

The yogic diet has to comprise of whole grains as these improve your metabolism and cut off excess weight. You can include oats, barley, wheat, and white or unpolished rice in your daily routine along with yoga. The best time to consume whole grains is breakfast and lunch.

2. Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended in a yogic diet. These are rich in fibee, calcium, and a host of vitamins which are essential for physical development. At the same time, you should also make green leafy vegetables a part of the yogic diet.

Yoga experts recommend that you include mangoes, oranges, pears, guavas, spinach, tomatoes, and cucumber in a yogic diet.

3. Honey

The best source of natural sugar is honey. Even Ayurveda suggests the consumption of honey instead of artificial sweeteners. As a yogi, you should use honey in meals and breakfast.

Thus, these are the 3 foods that help you adopt a yoga lifestyle with ease. Following this clean diet will help you understand the true spirit of yoga.

Foods You Should Avoid As a Yogi

Some foods t are better left at the supermarket aisle, especially when you are practicing yoga.

1. Alcohol

Yes! A glass of bubbly does get you in the party spirit but there is a flipside to this. Alcohol is known for reversing the effects of yoga. In other words, it sidetracks your mind from the yogic path which is why you should avoid it at all costs.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is also detrimental when it comes to your mental health development. Excess consumption of tea and coffee has been found to disrupt the sleeping cycle. Enroll in a certified yoga school to learn everything about the right yoga diet.

3. Meat

Meat leads to laziness and inaction. It is also known as the reason behind an increase in aggression and anger. On a health basis, it causes an increase in uric acid which further leads to health problems like cancer, gout, and skin-related issues.

Therefore, for you to understand the spirit of yoga it is necessary to consume the right foods.


Do you want to understand how a yogic diet helps one understand the spirit of yoga? Enroll in a certified yoga school to learn how the right diet can help you move up the yogic path.

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