Sequence of Moon Salutation Yoga Poses For Beginners

Sequence of Moon Salutation Yoga Poses For Beginners

Moon Salutation Yoga Poses:- Also known as Chandra Namaskar, Moon Salutation is a process to cool down your body. Various Moon Salutation yoga poses are connected with the rhythm of your breathing. However, Moon Salutation is contrary to Sun Salutation in its term of cooling down your body and mind. You should practice Moon Salutations when the surrounding temperature is high.

With that said, have a look at numerous Moon Salutation yoga poses that you should practice to calm and soothe your senses. Read on.

Different Moon Salutation Yoga Poses

Mountain Pose

Start with standing on your feet with shoulder-width apart. Stand in a prayer position by joining your palms together. Breathe a few times once you stand in the Mountain pose.

Upward Salute

Take your hands over your head while clenching your fingers together. Make sure your index finger is pointed towards the ceiling. With an exhale bend towards your left and inhale while returning to the neutral point. Further, exhale to bend to your right side. Inhale to return to your central location and relax your arms with an exhale.

Goddess Squat

With a deep inhale, shift your legs wide apart and rotate your toes outward. Fold your legs to squat down while exhaling. Further, with a gentle inhale, lift your arms at your shoulders’ level and fold them while pointing your fingertips towards the ceiling.

Star Pose

Straighten out your legs with an exhale and extend your arms at your shoulder level. Moreover, turn the face of your palms forward while staying in the Star pose. It is one of the easiest Moon Salutation yoga poses that allows you to have some rest.

Extended Triangle Pose

Rotate your right foot outward and your left foot slightly inward. Bend toward your right side with the extended arm. Hinge your left hip a little so that your upper body folds at your waist. Further, place your right hand over your foot or shin or knee, whichever seems comfortable to you.

Pyramid Pose

Bring your left hand toward your right leg without bending your right leg with a gentle inhale. Exhale and turn your pelvic towards your right side to get aligned on your right side. Push with your back foot to remain in this pose.

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Low Crescent Lunge

Let your fingertips touch the ground after you inhale and bend your right leg. Furthermore, exhale and shift your left leg a little back so that your left knee touches the ground. Make sure your right knee is aligned over your right foot and there is a stretch in your inner thighs. Get on the tiptoes of your left foot while your fingers are still touching the floor.

Side Lunge

Shift your right foot a little further while placing your hands on the ground in between your legs. All this should be done while breathing in. In case you find it hard, you should place your hands on your left thigh while shifting your weight on your left leg. It is one of the best Moon Salutations yoga poses that stretches your inner thighs.

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Garland Pose

Inhale deep into your stomach and move your right foot towards your left leg. Further, bring both your arms between your legs and join your hands. Push your arms against your inner thighs. This Chandra Namaskar yoga pose works on your legs.

The above-mentioned Moon Salutation yoga poses form a sequence of Moon Salutation yoga in a single direction. After this, the same sequence is followed, however, in the reverse order. But, the positioning of yoga poses remains the same.

Benefits of Practicing Moon Salutation Yoga Poses

Soothe Fiery Energy

Practice various Moon Salutation yoga poses to soothe the fiery energy flowing through you. Even though such active energy is vital for everyday activities. However, it is important to calm it down now and then. That is where you should practice Moon Salutations.

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Deep Calmness

Practicing various Moon Salutation yoga poses stretches your lower body. The lower body is the sole authority of the Kundalini energy. Thus, it helps in calming the body and energy. Hence, you easily learn to channel this fierce energy that calms you on the deepest level.

Wrap Up

Different Moon Salutation yoga poses mentioned above should be first practiced individually to master them. Then you can easily practice Moon Salutations for a perfectly relaxed body and mind.

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