Key Differences Between RYT 200

Key Differences Between RYT 200 and RYT 500 Yoga Courses

A plethora of yoga courses are available these days. Therefore, choosing the perfect yoga course to start a yoga journey becomes a lot confusing. Many tend to enroll in a yoga course that is completely out of their physical and mental alignment. Needless to say, this all happens due to a lack of information and awareness. You must have basic knowledge about RYT 200, RYT 300, and RYT 500 before you enroll in any of these yoga courses.

The below-mentioned points might help you have a better understanding of RYT 200 & RYT 500. Read on.

What is RYT 200?

An RYT 200 is Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training. It clears all the fundamentals of yoga practice. You learn yoga poses, meditation techniques, deep breathing exercises, body alignment and adjustment techniques, and much more.

What is RYT 500?

RYT 500 is the most advanced Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training. You become a yoga master by learning different yogic practices in greater depth. Further, you get an opportunity to learn about the origin of yoga and its history. You learn human body anatomy to preach the safe practice of yoga to diverse yoga students to become an advanced yoga teacher.

RYT 200: Basic Eligibility Criteria

Anyone from anywhere in the world can join RYT 200. No matter what is the level of your yoga practice, you can enroll in RYT 200. All you need to take care of is that you are in perfect health.

RYT 500: Basic Eligibility Criteria

To become RYT 500, you need to enroll in 500 hour yoga teacher training course. For that, you need 200 hour or 300 hour yoga certifications. It differs from yoga school to yoga school. Many Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools require you to have RYT 300 certification so that you are physically and mentally prepared to join the RYT 500.

In some cases, you can show your yoga potential to respective authorities to enroll in RYT 500.

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What Do You Learn in RYT 200 & RYT 500?

RYT 200 and RYT 500 are two entirely different yoga courses. Hence, the level of teaching that you get is different as well. Here’s how one yoga course is different from the other. Keep reading.

Yoga Poses

RYT 200 teaches basic yoga poses so that your body becomes adaptable to the changes. Further, yoga poses make you aware of how to move your muscles or joints in certain motions. It prepares your body for more intense yoga practice.

RYT 500 teaches advanced and complex yoga poses. The aim is to push your mind and body past your limits.

Meditation Techniques

RYT 200 introduces you to meditation practice. The aim is to bring your attention within and to remove mental clutter or confusion.

RYT 500 teaches you meditation techniques so you can tap into the deepest corners of your inner world. Moreover, the aim is to control your mind so that you can experience complete relaxation.


You learn how to breathe properly for more energy in RYT 200. Also, you are introduced to different types of breathing exercises.

RYT 500 familiarizes you with deep pranayama practices that help ffill your body with pure ‘prana’ energy. Further, you learn how to control your breathing and practice perfect channeling of your breath

Yoga Philosophy

RYT 200 helps you become familiar with different yoga terminologies, yogic practices, and yoga philosophy to live an easy and simpler life.

You dive deeper into yoga philosophy in RYT 500. Moreover, you learn how to implement different philosophical principles in your life so that you become a master of your life.

Body Anatomy

RYT 200 helps you learn the basic mechanisms of human body. Further, you learn how to adjust and align your body so that you practice yoga with ease.

In RYT 500, you dive deeper into the range of motion of your muscles and joints. Further, you learn in-depth how the human body and mind functions so that can help yoga aspirants from every section of society.

Advanced Yoga Techniques RYT 500 Teaches


There are various mind and body detoxification techniques you learn in RYT 500. Practicing Shatkarmas removes all the negative elements or toxins from your body as well as your mind.


It comprises various teaching methodologies so that you learn how to handle and run a yoga class.


Bandhas help you to develop a strong mind-muscle connection that helps raise your energy from root chakra to crown chakra.


It comprises various hand gestures to target different energy centers in your body.


RYT 200 is the first step towards becoming a certified yoga teacher. On the other hand, RYT 500 helps you achieve the peak of your yogic journey along with becoming a certified yoga teacher. Make sure you go through each step so that you learn everything about yoga in great detail without any problem.

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