How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training Program

Are you confused about how to choose a yoga teacher training program? It could be a weary task for beginners to select a yoga course. Even if you have no intention of becoming a certified yoga instructor, you must enroll in a yoga course that perfectly suits your goal.

As a beginner, you might not be aware of various types of yoga teacher training courses. So, read the following to expand your knowledge.

Beginners Yoga Teacher Training Courses

If you are a complete newbie who knows nothing about yoga poses or yoga practice, it could be a perfect start to your yogic journey with 200 hour YTT. 200 hour yoga teacher training helps you become acquainted with various yogic practices so that you can incorporate a yogic lifestyle into your life.

Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Do you have a little know-how of yoga practice? If yes, 300 hour yoga teacher training can help you enhance your yogic knowledge. Moreover, you can dive deeper into the world of yoga with this course. You get the opportunity to improve your theoretical as well as practical knowledge of yoga.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Courses

One of the most advanced yoga course is 500 hour yoga teacher training. It could be the best option for those who have earned 300 hour YTT certification and want to upgrade their knowledge. You become a yoga master with the completion of the 500 hour YTT course.

What To Look For While Selecting a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Alliance Certified

The Yoga Alliance governs over the international standards of yoga. Thus, you should check whether the course you selected is registered with the Yoga Alliance or not. The Yoga Alliance ensures that you learn the truest form of yoga

Enrolling in the Yoga Alliance certified yoga course makes you eligible for insurance issued to the members of the Yoga Alliance. Thus, it could be an add on that you should look for while choosing the Yoga Alliance certified yoga training.

Check Off-Mat & On-Mat Timings

Before choosing a yoga teacher training course, you should check the total number of hours you will be practicing yoga. No doubt that practicing more can only push you towards your goal. However, you need to consider that rest plays an integral role in your growth.

Therefore, keep a check on how much time you will be spending off-mat. It gives you a rough idea about how much time you will get to be with yourself. Thus, it helps you make a mental note about segregating your time accordingly.

Study Yoga Program

Various yoga programs teach you things that have nothing to enhance your basic knowledge of yoga. As a yoga practitioner, you need to know how your body functions, the range of motion of your muscles, and much more. Therefore, you should study the curriculum before enrolling in a yoga course to know how it might move you closer to your goal in mind.

Learning human anatomy can help you not only in learning about the potential or limitations of the human body but also improves your yoga practice. It helps you become more effective to teach yoga to people having special physiological needs.

Certified Yoga Teachers

Learning and practicing yoga under the guidance of great yoga masters is like a dream come true for all the yoga aspirants. You need to check whether the yoga teacher overseeing your yoga course is certified or not.

Moreover, if possible, you should meet and greet your yoga teacher to know if you can grow under his or her guidance. Sometimes, a conversation could help generate a spark between you and your teacher that can help you achieve greater heights of your yogic journey.

Summing Up

You can keep the above-mentioned points in mind before enrolling in a yoga teacher training course. These play a crucial role in your yoga journey and can help you explore your true potential. Moreover, choosing a perfect yoga course can make your time and money invested worth it.