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How to Choose 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayas?

Do you know that almost half the yoga practitioners that join a yoga teacher training leave it in between? The reason could be the selection of a wrong place or incorrect yoga course. They do not research enough. Thus, they tend to end up in the wrong place and lack the motivation to continue. Be it 200 hour yoga teacher training or any other yoga course, you need to be careful while making your selection.

The benefit of doing research is that you come across various hidden perks or information about the yoga teacher training course you want to join. How to know if a yoga course is good for you? Well, for that, you need to go through the list of important elements that your selected yoga course should have. Read on.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Important Points to Look At


Your mind is surrounded by so much noise. It could be traffic noise, people talking, or even radiation from electronic gadgets. You need a place devoid of such noise. Therefore, practicing yoga in Himalayas can be a perfect getaway for you.

Hence, the first thing you must ensure is the location of your 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Choose a serene, quiet, peaceful, and blissful place to practice yoga. It’s gonna calm your mind, provide you enough time to focus on your yoga practice, and help you enjoy your stay.

Yoga Alliance Registered

Once the location of your 200 hour yoga teacher training is decided, look for its registration. Double-check that it is the Yoga Alliance registered.

Why so? Because when your training course is complete, you become a Yoga Alliance member. It is an international organization that ensures you get high-quality yoga knowledge. Further, you earn a certificate to teach yoga anywhere in the world.

Certified Yoga Teacher

To practice yoga, you need a yoga teacher. Not just any yoga teacher but a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. Therefore, you must inquire who’s gonna teach you. If possible, make sure you have a one-on-one conversation with the respective yoga teacher.

You can share your vision with your yoga teacher . Try to have feedback so that you can form an idea of whether your goals are going to get fulfilled or not. Hence, converse with your yoga teacher before joining the 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Himalayas.

Class Strength

You won’t be practicing yoga alone when you join the 200 hour yoga teacher training. Other students from across the globe will be having training with you. You can avoid joining a class having too many students.

Practicing yoga with too many students divides the attention of the yoga teacher. Therefore, check the strength of the class before you finalize it. Go with the class having the minimum number of yoga aspirants. Thus, you will be more comfortable and can exchange your findings with your yoga teacher.

Yoga Props

It comprises yoga mats, blankets, straps, blocks, and many other things. The sole purpose of providing yoga props is for the convenience of yoga practitioners. Also, yoga props help you have a comfortable yoga practice.

Also,make sure the chosen 200 hour yoga teacher training course provides yoga material to you. Things like yoga books, manuscripts, or reading material comes under yoga material. You need to ask the respective authorities if they are providing reading material.

Summing Up

The list of important elements you need to look for before joining the 200 hour yoga teacher training goes on. Other factors such as the cost of training, accommodation, food, the reputation of the yoga school solely depends on your preference.

Thus, you can ask anything that you think should be asked. If everything goes perfectly fine according to your vision, you can enroll in the yoga course and start your yoga journey.

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