Comprehensive Guide to Yoga Sun Salutation for Beginners

Comprehensive Guide to Yoga Sun Salutation for Beginners

Yoga is a unique art as it encompasses complete understanding of the human mind, body, and spirit. For eons, this ancient art has been helping individuals enjoy good mental and physical health. But, do you know that yoga also employs using the sun's energy to charge up your body and mind? Yes! The yoga sun salutation for beginners are a thing!

The sun is a source of energy to the whole world. Whether you live on the outskirts of city or within a small village, your body functions in accordance with the cycles of the sun. Therefore, practicing sun salutations during early morning helps start your day on a positive and happy note.

Why Should I Practice Yoga Sun Salutations for Beginners?

If you are open to understanding the spiritual aspects of yoga, including yoga sun salutation for beginners is something you would do without question. On a spiritual level, these yoga exercises provide your body with the vitality and energy of the sun.

On a physical level, the sun salutations provide your body with an added level of flexibility and help you breathe mindfully.

That said, given below are some reasons why including sun salutations in your daily routine is a win-win deal.

1. Improves Energy Circulation

If you want to kickstart the day with improved level of concentration, do the yoga sun salutation for beginners first thing in the morning. These increase your heart rate which improves blood circulation, purifies the blood, and energizes your physical body.

In the long run, this yoga sequence benefits your lungs, muscles, joints, and digestive system. It improves the vital energy, also known as prana in your body which removes any energy blockages.

2. Offers Experience of Moving Meditation

Sun salutation is a series of yoga asanas combined together and practiced with deep breathing. Since you transition from one yoga asana to the next, your breath plays a vital role in the process. The breathing is the bridge between your body and mind which offers you an experience of doing moving meditation.

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3. Helps You Be Centered and Grateful

The yoga sun salutation for beginners helps you calm down the ever-active mind and bring it to a calm state of being. It is here when you start being grateful for the things in life.

4. Lengthens and Tones Muscles

Daily practice of sun salutations helps you develop flexibility, strength, and tones the entire body. It opens up the shoulders, hamstrings, and chest to release any pent up tension. With continuous movement, it lubricates the joints and provides your body with a full range of motion.

Sun salutations are the best yoga exercise to release all tension from your spine, which improves flexibility and creates length. In the long term, this keeps your spine flexible and healthy.

However, as a beginner you might be a bit confused about how to proceed with this powerful yogic exercise.

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3 Tips to Practice Sun Salutations as a Beginner

Given below are three tips to help you practice yoga sun salutation for beginners with ease.

1. Work Up Slowly

If you are not used to extended periods of yoga practice, yoga experts recommend you limit the practice to a certain number of Sun salutations before trying out the 108 sequence. You should enroll in a certified yoga school to learn all about Sun salutations from the best.

2. Hydrate

The yoga sun salutation for beginners require a considerable amount of energy in your body. Therefore, consuming enough liquids before going for the practice ensures your muscles and circulation are at their best when starting this yoga practice. Moreover, you would not feel hungry and dehydrated for the duration of the practice.

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3. Take Breaks

With the sun salutations you should always take short breaks. The sun salutations consists of a lot of up and down movements and since you do it early morning, you are likely to feel lightheaded. Remember, yoga is a way to stay fit without stressing out your body and mind.


Want to kickstart the day on a happy and energetic note? You should refer to this guide to know everything about the yoga sun salutation for beginners. This will help you not just keep your body flexible but also remain energetic throughout the day.

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