Yoga Swing Poses

Best Yoga Swing Poses You Must Try

Do you know there are different forms of yoga? That’s right! Aerial yoga or Swing yoga is one of them. Usually, ropes or yoga straps are lowered from a ceiling from a hammock. Yoga practitioners use the fabric hammock or yoga straps to practice different yoga swing poses.

In case you don’t have any idea about that, you should read the following points. However, before that, we suggest you read the tips to practice different yoga swing poses. So, without beating the bush, let us move further and help you take your first step to practice different yoga swing poses. Keep reading.

Tips to Practice Yoga Swing Poses

Firm Grip

While practicing different yoga swing poses, you should have a firm grip. You must remember that you don’t have a solid ground to practice yoga. Rather, you are going to swing in mid-air. In that case, having a strong grip is a must.

So, always wrap the fabric around your hands, legs, or arms. Depending on the yoga pose you are practicing, the grip should keep on changing. However, don’t take your feet off the ground without having the right grip.

Never Eat Before Practice

Before any physical activity, your stomach needs to be empty. Otherwise, you might feel discomfort while practicing yoga. While practicing different yoga swing poses, make sure you don’t put anything in your stomach.

One major reason is that you might end up upside down. In that case, everything will come out of your mouth. Thus, to ensure that does not happen, refrain from having a meal at least 2 hours before practicing yoga swing poses.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Comfort should be your priority. However, since you are going to practice yoga swing poses, clothes need to be a little tight. You are going to wrap fabric hanging down from a hammock. Hence, it must not entangle with what you are wearing.

Therefore, be conscious while choosing clothes. Make sure you select something comfortable as well as a little close to your body.

Check With the Medical Professional

Every person has different physical limitations. Some can handle intense physical practice. On the other hand, some cannot afford to be out of breath. Hence, before starting the yoga practice, check with your doctor.

Once you are given a green signal, you can easily start the practice. However, if your physical or mental condition does not allow it, you should have medical personnel at your disposal.

Never Rush

The most important thing you must be aware of is that you should never rush through the yoga practice. Rather, always be gentle with your turns mid-air. Furthermore, keep your yoga practice simple and effective.

You must not show off your skills. Rather, the whole focus needs to be on learning new poses and mastering the previous yoga asanas.

With that said, let us move to some of the best yoga swing poses you must practice. These are simple and super effective. Read on.

Top Yoga Swing Poses For Beginners

Aerial Mountain

As a beginner, the Mountain pose should be the first pose to begin with. Place the hammock cloth behind your back. Bring it to your upper back and behind your shoulders. Make sure you take out your arms over your head and let them loose. Tilt back while maintaining a proper balance for a few breaths.

Supported Chair Pose

Place the fabric on your upper back and bring it under your arms. Get a hold of the fabric with your hands while bending your legs. Sit in a chair position while the fabric handles your weight. Stay for as long as you can.

Plank Pose

One of the easiest yoga swing poses is the Plank pose. Place your feet on the fabric in mid-air. Get on your palms as you do in a pushup position. Straighten out your arms and engage your core. This trains your core and upper back strength.

Sum Up

As you can see, preparation is always important to begin a yoga practice. You should be conscious while practicing different swing yoga poses. With everything in check, you can rest assured to have the best results.

In case you are practicing Aerial yoga at home, ensure that the hammock is tight and strongly held in place. To be on the safe side, always join an Aerial yoga class. You get to train with experts and take your practice to the next level.