Best Poses of Yoga for Height

Best Poses of Yoga for Height to Grow Taller

Do you want to grow taller? Want a natural way to increase your height? If yes, you should practice yoga for height. From looking more attractive to have a great personality, tall people have more advantages in life. You can have all that too by incorporating a regular yoga practice into your life.

Here are some of the most effective poses of yoga for height you should practice daily. Read on.

Most Effective Poses of Yoga For Height

Sun Salutations

Consisting of 12 yoga poses, Sun Salutations are one of the best techniques you can use to increase your height. There is a cycle of different yoga poses that are done one after the other. When you complete the whole cycle, it makes up a single Sun Salutation.

Hence, you should practice numerous cycles of Sun Salutations to work on your entire body. It helps in stretching your muscles and bones that improves your posture and other vital functions of your body. Moreover, it increases the blood circulation that nourishes your body with necessary nutrients.

Mountain Pose

The Mountain pose is one of the most effective poses of yoga for height that you should be practicing daily. Furthermore, you can raise your hands over your head to further stretch your spinal muscles. Practicing the Mountain pose helps you engage all your muscles that support your body to have a proper posture.

The Mountain pose also strengthens your legs so that they bear more weight throughout the day. It is one of the easiest yoga poses that you should definitely include in your routine.

Cobra Pose

Stretching out your spine is crucial to increase your height. That is where the Cobra pose serves you the best. Practicing the Cobra pose works on your spinal stretching, lower back, SI joints, and chest area. Furthermore, it also massages your abdominal muscles that leads to better body growth.

Moreover, the Cobra pose increases the stability of your shoulder muscles. Hence, it saves your shoulder joints to get rounded-off which keeps your body straight. Thus, you grow taller without any issues.

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Shoulder Stand

The neck is the most delicate joint in your body. Moreover, when your height increases, the neck, and upper back are some of the most affected areas. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your neck area, Shoulder Stand is one of the best poses for you.

Furthermore, it removes excess fatigue or stress stored in the legs. Hence, you should practice this pose for maximum blood flow, strong neck, and upper back muscles.

Cat-Cow Pose

Just like the upper back is crucial, the lower back and SI joints are equally important if you want to grow taller. The Cat-Cow pose stretches your hip muscles, hamstrings, lower back spinal bones, and neck area. Furthermore, when you bring your attention to your breath while practicing this pose, it has a deep impact on your body.

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Cat-Cow stretch improves your overall flexibility and mobility. It also increases the mobility of your hip joint. Further, it makes your scapula muscles strong and enhances the mobility of your wrist.

Downward Dog Pose

If you want an all-around development, you should include the Downward Dog pose in your yoga routine. With better blood circulation, nutrients reach your vital body organs. Practicing this pose is also ideal to gain weight, enhance flexibility, and better mobility.

The Downward Dog pose tones your arms, legs, stomach, and strengthens your core muscles. Hence, it helps in the overall relaxation of your mind and body. Moreover, you become mindful of your breath that releases stress and anxiety from your body.

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Tree Pose

Another important pose of yoga for height you should practice is the Tree pose. From enhancing your body balance to strengthening your legs, the Tree pose has many other benefits also. It is one of the best poses to increase your height naturally and without much stress.

It also lengthens your spine and the supporting muscles. Practicing the Tree pose also heals flat feet and sciatica nerve pain.

Wrap Up

Practicing yoga poses is only the tip of the iceberg. There are various other things you need to change in your routine to have maximum benefits. You also need to make changes in your diet and way of living. Over time, your height increases and adds an extra charm to your personality.

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