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Beginner's Guide to Yoga for Hamstrings

Do you experience intense and unbearable pain at the back of your legs when running or doing squats? There is a high chance that you are suffering from what is known as a hamstring injury. Luckily, you have the ancient art of yoga for hamstrings to take care of this issue.

But, before we share with you which yoga exercises can help you take care of a hamstring injury, let us get down to the basics and understand a bit more about this leg muscle.

Hamstrings – A Brief Intro

Hamstrings are a group of three muscles located on the posterior portion of your upper leg. These three muscles are:

Bicep Femoris

Bicep Femoris is the closest amongst all three leg muscles. It is located to the outside of your leg and unique in comparison to the other two hamstrings. The Bicep Femoris has two heads, a long and short one.


Located closest to the inside of your leg to the Bicep Femoris and on top of the third hamstring muscle, Semitendinosus is the second muscle in the hamstring. You should practice yoga for hamstrings to know all about this leg muscle.


The third of all hamstring muslces, Semimembranosus lies just below the Semitendinosus muscle on the median portion of the back of your leg.

You should remember that all three muscles work together to help flex your knee and extend the hip. Hamstring muscles work with the quadriceps to move the leg and stabilize the knee and hips. Unfortunately, at times, an injury makes it harder for you to work with this muscle without any hassle.

Let us now check out what leads to discomfort and pain in this muscle.

Causes of Hamstring Injury

The main reason behind a hamstring injury is usually muscle overload. With daily contraction and stretching, strains and tears happen. However, these can also happen if you stretch the muscle too far or with a sudden jerk movement.

At the same time, there are some factors responsible for a hamstring injury. These include:

Exercising with Tight Muscles

When you start exercising without a proper warm-up routine, the risk of a hamstring injury increases.

Poor Conditioning

If your muscles are weak, they are less prepared to take on the demands of specific sports or other physically-demanding activities. You should enroll in a certified yoga school to learn the best yoga for hamstrings poses and take care of this issue.

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Muscle Fatigue

If your muscles are tired from constant use, these fail to absorb energy which only increases the chances of a hamstring injury.

Muscle Imbalance

It is when one group of muscles is stronger than the other. This is a contributing factor to a hamstring injury.

However, there are a few ways to help you take care of this issue on time.

Preventive Measures for Hamstring Injury

In case you feel a sudden discomfort in the hamstring, stop whatever you are doing to prevent more damage.

Medical experts recommend that you follow the RICE treatment. Confused? Read on.


Avoid doing activities that can worsen this situation. However, yoga for hamstrings is something you can do without putting too much stress on the hamstring muscle.


Use a cold pack for some time every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day. You can also use frozen peas wrapped in a light towel to take care of the issue.


Bandage your thighs with an elastic wrap to limit swelling and unnecessary leg movement.


Try to keep your leg propped up on a cushion or pillow to limit the swelling.

However, if you want to use something permanent that keeps hamstring injury away, try some yoga for hamstrings asanas.

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Yoga for Hamstring Poses

The yoga for hamstrings asanas given below would keep hamstring injury at bay.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Another beginner-level yoga asanathat might make you a bit uncomfortable, especially if you have tight hamstrings. The Adho Mukha Svanasana, also known as the Downward Dog pose requires a certain level of strength and flexibility.


It is the simplest of yoga for hamstrings asanas that provides your hamstring muscles with flexibility. It is also an important part of the Sun Salutation A & B sequence.


Also known as the Triangle Pose, Trikonasana has to be practiced on both sides of your body to give the front leg hamstrings a good stretch. It is also a good yoga pose which you can include in Vinyasa yoga practice.


A hamstring injury makes it hard for you to not just exercise but also practice normal leg movement. Luckily, enrolling in a certified yoga school helps you learn and practice yoga for hamstrings asanas under the supervision of yoga experts.

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