RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Training

RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Training Course- 2021

Have you ever thought about how you can become a yoga master? Well, guess what! You can also become a true yoga master with RYT 500. What's that? This is a credential offered to a person who has completed 500 hour yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

The following key points might help you know different terms so that you can have a better understanding of the matter. Keep reading.

What Does RYT 500 Mean?

RYT 500 stands for Registered Yoga Teacher. You must be thinking registered where and how.

To earn RYT 500, a person has to join a 500 hour yoga teacher training course offered by the Yoga Alliance. Further, you need to meet all the basic requirements to apply for the certification. However, you must ensure you have fulfilled the time allocated to practical and theoretical knowledge. Since the Yoga Alliance does not directly offer courses, you need to join a Registered Yoga School that offers 500 hour YTT.

Furthermore, on the completion of your course, you need to apply to the Yoga Alliance for the RYT 500.

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Basic Eligibility of RYT 500

As per the Yoga Alliance, a person needs the following to apply for RYT 500. Read on

  • A person should have a qualified 500 hour yoga teacher training course with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).
  • A person must have completed 200 hours and 300 hour yoga teacher training from a Registered Yoga School.
  • As per the teaching experience, he or she must have 100 hours of yoga teaching experience after the completion of the courses.

What is the Difference Between RYT 500 and RYT 200?

As mentioned earlier, a person is eligible for RYT 500 if he or she has completed a 500 hour yoga teacher training course from an RYS. On the other hand, if a person has only completed 200 hour yoga teacher training from an RYS, he or she is eligible for RYT 200 only.

RYT 200 is a beginner level whereas RYT 500 is the most advanced yoga credential. Thus, with RYT 500, you become a master who is having an in-depth knowledge of yoga.

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What You Learn in RYT 500

Learning in RYT 500 is not bound to mere the physical or the mental dimension. Rather, it goes beyond what a normal being can imagine. RYT 500 enters the spiritual dimension that opens your mind to magic, miracles, extremely advanced yoga techniques, and much more.

Lets' have a brief look over what you learn with RYT 500.

Yoga Mudras

An RYT 500 makes you familiar with different types of Yoga Mudras. These are hand gestures that you practice to ensure a flow of energy to a particular area.

Different Yoga Mudras works on different dimensions of your body and mind. Hence, you learn how to create a perfect balance and flow of energy in your body.


Your body must be pure when you practice yoga. An RYT 500 introduces you to various Shatkarma techniques that you can use to purify your mind and body.

It could be physical or mental purification. Thus, it can clean your intestines, blood cycle, the way you think, and much more.


It is one of the best techniques of an RYT 500 that helps you control your body. Regular practice of Bandha improves your control over your muscles. The perfect example could be practicing a vacuum pose.

Advanced Forms of Meditation

An RYT 500 makes you familiar with various advanced forms of meditation practices. You can use this to raise your awareness and enter a deep state like Samadhi.

Wrap Up

An RYT 500 opens a field of numerous possibilities before you that you might have not imagined. Hence, it pushes your yoga journey and career to new heights.

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