5 Reasons That Make Yoga

5 Reasons That Make Yoga A Great Workout For Men

A common yet outdated notion about yoga is it is only for women or those with a flexible body. Nothing can be farther from the truth as yoga is also a physically challenging and mentally relaxing way of staying fit. There is no other lifestyle that keeps your mind stay laser- focused, develops a toned physique, and promotes overall well-being other than yoga.

Apart from helping you develop flexibility and a strong mind-body connection yoga helps you connect with your deeper self and unlock true potential. You should look for a reputed yoga teacher training school to reap the full benefits of this ancient art.

With that said, given below are reasons that yoga is not just for women even men can make this sacred art a part of their daily schedule.

5 Reasons Men Should Practice Yoga

Given below are five reasons why you should include yoga in your daily life.

1. Develops Strength

In comparison to using weights or resistance machines practicing yoga requires you to use your body weight to develop considerable muscle strength. Numerous yoga asanas use dynamic muscle movement for you to move from one yoga asana to another.

These yoga asanas work on small and big muscle groups in your body at the same time. For example, practicing yoga poses like the Plank, and inversions develop your upper body and core.

2. Body Awareness

Yoga is often linked with fluidity, flexibility, and excellent body balance. You as a man might have been tagged as having a too rigid physique among other things. However, it is also the truth that some individuals are born with natural flexibility.

On the other hand, yoga requires your full attention towards your body to develop balance as well as flexibility. Learning yoga at a yoga teacher training school helps you practice advanced yoga poses with ease. Moreover, yoga is a non-judgmental art so you should not worry about not being flexible enough.

3. Recovery

Yoga is the best way for you to develop flexibility and rejuvenate your body and mind. When your muscles are relaxed there is much opportunity for you to perform challenging tasks with ease. Moreover, it improves your blood flow and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to promote healing in your body.

4. Flexibility

A major reason why you might run away from a yoga practice is the notion you are not flexible enough. However, it is reason enough for you to learn some yoga.

Weight lifting exercises might help you develop strength these only shorten your muscles. Without proper stretching these further limit your body's range of motion and reduce its flexibility.

Yoga on the other hand provides you with overall balance by strengthening your joints and lengthening your muscles. You should enroll in a quality yoga teacher training school to reap the full benefits of this sacred art.

5. Injury Prevention

Your physical body can compensate for certain weaknesses and tightness. If one muscle in your body is weak your body compensates by activating the surrounding muscles to complete a movement. Unfortunately, this often goes unnoticed and that can lead to structural imbalances and strain.

On the other hand, yoga requires you to activate and use the unused muscle groups. In the long run, yoga helps you prevent injuries by working on this imbalance.


Yoga is not just for those with inherent flexibility or women even men can practice this ancient art. Enrolling in the yoga teacher training school helps you learn this ancient art under the guidance of a yoga guru.

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